Friday, July 24, 2009

Here's the deal with gay people...

I’ve never understood how people can get angry with homosexuals because of their sexual orientation. It seems like one of those things that doesn’t affect anybody else besides the person practicing that lifestyle. You know why it seems like one of those things? Because it is. A couple homos banging each other doesn’t make swimming any less fun.

I’ve always loved talking to people that think homosexuality is the worst thing in the world. Their arguments are restrained to either, “God says it’s wrong,” or, “That’s fucking gross.” These two arguments don’t hold too much weight with me and my favorite way to refute it is with the broccoli argument.

It goes like this:

Some people like broccoli. I don’t. The fact that they like broccoli doesn’t make potatoes, corn, or anything else I enjoy eating taste any worse. The fact that I don’t like broccoli doesn’t mean that they should be unable to eat it because my taste doesn’t reflect upon theirs. If they want to eat broccoli, fine. It doesn’t matter to me because it has absolutely no effect on my life what they do in the privacy of their home with their own plates and cutlery.

This argument tends to work pretty well unless the other person used the God argument, in which case they will always be right because God said so.

I found a stand-up clip that reflects basically what I’ve thought all along. His name is Louis C.K. and he knows what he’s talking about.

I've also heard that people are against homosexuality because it is unnatural. However, it's been proven that homosexuality exists in nature. If homosexuality exists in nature, doesn't that make it natural?

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