Wednesday, December 16, 2009

German = Scary

At the risk of sounding xenophobic, I'm going to say German is a really ugly language. No matter what is being said, it just sounds evil.

A couple years ago I sat on youtube for a couple hours looking up the German versions of cartoon theme songs. Yeah, I know, I have no life.

This was the funniest one I found. The "Let's get dangerous," part sounds like he's declaring war on Poland. Think Nazi jokes are a little too obvious? Too bad.

Even poetry sounds like shit when falling out of a German mouth. Proof:

Maybe I have these associations because of Hitler. Whenever I hear the German language I can't help but to think of Hitler's speeches (which I've also listened to even though I can't understand a word). Someone can ask me what my favorite color is, but, if it's asked in German, I'll only think about Panzer tanks decimating Europe.

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