Saturday, May 8, 2010

CBS, we ask the dumb questions

"As you know we're the only ones to put the heat on them every week."

First line in the story. Oh that's right. I forgot how health inspectors sit around and talk about cartoons while CBS news checks if people wash their hands.

God damnit.

For people not from Atlanta, the local CBS news station asks the "tough questions". Trust me, they tell you every ten seconds so it has to be true.

I watch a lot of local news, and I often get angry. However, I've never been angry enough to write an e-mail to explain how much I hate it. Keep in mind, I went to school for journalism. I hated it before I learned about it, and I hated it more when I did. Now when I see reports like this it makes me hate it even more than I thought possible.

I can't find an embed code on the CBS page so I'll just post a link here.

Watch it. Go ahead. Does it seem like bullshit? It should. And here's why.

First of all, Dickhead Adam catches the manager at lunchtime when she's busy seating tables. Is she avoiding the tough questions, or is she just doing her fucking job?

Okay, they got a bad grade on their surprise health inspection. That sucks. They should do a better job of having their employees wash their hands and have their refrigerators at the proper temperatures. Duh. Not groundbreaking news.

But CBS tries to make it seem like they're "sticking up for the little guy" and "giving a voice for the rest of us" by saying what is blatantly obvious. What's more, they are doing so in a backhanded way that vilifies the employees at said restaurant to make themselves seem righteous.

Want an example? Go to the 1:27 mark and watch how they turn the manager asking the reporter to repeat himself, freezing the screen and saying this:

"And from the look on her face, she'd probably like to wash her hands of the failing inspection."

Oh really? Because from the look on her face she probably couldn't hear the fucking question.

Editing like this pissed me off so much I had to e-mail these pricks and tell them how much I hated the segment. These are the e-mails unedited. I know I come across very unspecified in my original e-mail, but I was pissed and mind-puking my disgust. Either way, here it is.


Monday, April 19th 12:32 p.m.

I just watched your report about The Flying Biscuit on the noon broadcast. I have to say, it sucked and you suck...bad. You're "tough questions" were the equivalent of something a six year old could come up with.

"46, thats not a good score."

No shit. Great journalism.

I hate how on CBS you guys are so proud of your "tough questions" that you try to create conflict where there is none. You interviewed the manager during lunch. You asked her a question and she asked you to repeat it. You then froze the screen and focused on her facial expression like she was trying to avoid the question. You did the same thing at the start of the interview. You came in during lunch, no wonder she couldn't speak with you immediately. Restaurants get busy during lunch. Everyone knows that, it's not interesting, it's not a conflict, and this isn't journalism.

Your interview asked "Why aren't these things getting done?!?!?!" when in fact it had all been taken care of. Good work on digging up the dirt, Action Adam. I can't believe this is what you get paid for.

Josh Rank


I was happy to find a response e-mail.


April 19th 1:24 p.m.


Thank you very much for your email. I appreciate your opinion. This report was not about us trying to create conflict. Keep in mind, the FB scored 46 points and a 'U' for unsatisfactory. If they had passed their surprise inspection, we probably wouldn't be having this conversation via email and I certainly would not have had to question them regarding violations. The FB had food items at unsafe temperatures which is a serious health violation. That said, they have corrected most of their violations and we have already reported it.

As I stated in the report I am a FB fan. I have featured several great scores from multiple locations during the past seven years. I don't believe I've ever heard from you regarding the good scores we've mentioned. At any rate, thanks for watching CBS Atlanta News!

Adam Murphy
CBS Atlanta


Nice. A passive-aggressive personal shot in there? "I don't believe I've ever heard from you regarding the good scores we've mentioned." Duh. I'll get to that in my response e-mail you dick.


April 19th 3:23 p.m.

You haven't heard from about the positive scores because those reports didn't piss me off. You say the report is not about creating conflict, and, ideally it isn't. But the way you posed your questions was aggressive and, frankly, unfair to the person you were interviewing. I hope you use a little more discretion in the future and report the news, instead of trying to make it.

And just so we're clear; It's not the fact that it was the Flying Biscuit that pissed me off. It's the way the story was presented and executed.



I know, misused semicolon. Don't care.


April 19th 6:54 p.m.

Okay fair enough Josh. Thanks for your feedback!

Adam Murphy
CBS Atlanta


What a dick.

The only thing CBS Atlanta has going for it is the 4:00 broadcast. They figured out that it doesn't matter who reads the stories since none of them have any talent anyways. Might as well pack the room with a bunch of hot chicks. Example? Dagmar Midcap.

There ya go. I don't want to talk any shit on Dagmar in case she Googles herself and finds this page. If that happens, e-mail me Dagmar, we can discuss this whole debacle over coffee.

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