Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Leggings are not pants.

My buddy Leslie Peckham got pissed off the other day, I guess. Saw some fucker that rubbed her the wrong way so she wanted to write about it and plop it up here. Being the humanitarian that I am, I awarded her the honor of posting on this site. She should feel lucky and thank me for being so generous. But, she probably won't because she's kind of an asshole. Anyways, here's what she had to say.


There’s a nasty trend happening that I feel should be called out. I’ll allow that tapered leg and cigarette jeans in all their antiquated glory are back, I’ll even admit, I enjoy form fitting fashions as much as the next vintage hungry hipster but somewhere the line is drawn. I’m talking about leggings.

Consider the following outfit: Nike hightops, leggings, and some vintagesque shirt. The hightops and the vintage tee claim 1980’s hip hop roots but the leggings say “I was working out today”. Wrong. Maybe it was laundry day and the shredded cutoffs that you intended to add to that outfit were too sticky to be worn in public. Maybe. Or in the shifting weather of spring, you weren’t sure if you’d be too hot in your skinny jeans so you work your quietest pair of skin tights into that outfit with a blousy top and a cute pair of flats. But does that blousy top cover your ass crack? No.

Seems like it would be ok, you’re a fit young woman and your legs are viewed at their best advantage when practically naked save for the black nylon ceran wrap you put on but guess what. Leggings are not pants. They’re an accessory. Let me repeat that: Leggings are not pants, they are an accessory, meant to be worn as pants underneath short dresses and long shirts. Letting your junk hang out does not make you look cute.

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  1. you a bitch for calling me an a-hole. P.S. THANKS. :)