Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Do not pass "Go"

I go to jail almost every night. Sometimes more than once. It sucks. Every time. I’ve never left there and said to myself, “Hell yeah. That was kickass.” Now, I’m simply delivering there. I usually wait next to the metal detectors and try to avoid conversation with the guard sitting behind the table who’s alternating between reading a magazine, staring at the wall, or making a joke along the lines of, “They won’t notice one wing missing from that box!” That joke wasn’t funny the first time I heard it, and it’s still not funny after the thousandth time. Also, I don’t carry around extra food with me, which is another question that seems like common knowledge but apparently is not since I get asked all the time.

The funniest part about going to the Fulton County Jail is the electronic sign in the area that people wait for their family/friends to be released. It’s the same sign that might tell you balloons are on sale at the grocery store, or to inform you that you have just entered Spencer’s Gifts at the mall. It has the multi-colored letters that sometimes scroll from the left, sometimes from both sides, sometimes appearing pixel-by-pixel, sometimes exploding after the message is fully formed, etc. spelling out messages such as “Welcome to the Fulton County Jail.” The point being, it’s really festive. It’s supposed to portray a “fun” mood which is juxtaposed with one of the most oppressive atmospheres in our society.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've had a myspace music page forever, but that sucks and I've forgotten my password long ago. So, imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon a new website (or at least new to me) where I can post all my music that never sees the light of day.

I've decided to put up a few new songs, as well as the album I put together last year called Luna Programme,

and an album I put together in 2008 called I Hate the Desert So Much.

The two full-length releases are available for free download, so if you feel like taking a stroll down memory lane (even though you most likely have no memories involving these songs) you can feel free to plop them right onto your computer without fussing with a CD case or any of the hassles involved with getting music the old-fashioned way. But, of course, there is the try-before-you-buy (for free) feature where you can simply stream the songs and hear what they sound like before commiting your precious disk space to them.

So there you go. Enjoy.