Thursday, March 10, 2011


I've had a myspace music page forever, but that sucks and I've forgotten my password long ago. So, imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon a new website (or at least new to me) where I can post all my music that never sees the light of day.

I've decided to put up a few new songs, as well as the album I put together last year called Luna Programme,

and an album I put together in 2008 called I Hate the Desert So Much.

The two full-length releases are available for free download, so if you feel like taking a stroll down memory lane (even though you most likely have no memories involving these songs) you can feel free to plop them right onto your computer without fussing with a CD case or any of the hassles involved with getting music the old-fashioned way. But, of course, there is the try-before-you-buy (for free) feature where you can simply stream the songs and hear what they sound like before commiting your precious disk space to them.

So there you go. Enjoy.

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