Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Post Renaissance Sucks

A few days ago we hit a speed bump while searching for an apartment.  The speed bump was man-made (as most are) and I was a little pissed off.  I proceeded to compose an all-out internet assault on the perpetrator.  Except for posting the inflammatory blog, I put the assault into action.  Eventually, everything was straightened out and the guilty parties acted in a very nice way and actually asked for the denigrating content to be removed from the web.  After having enough time to take a few deep breaths and after everything worked out fine, I decided to back off of the assault.

But, the post had been written, and I still think it's a little funny so I might as well post it.  In a gesture of gratitude for the quick rectification of the situation, I will rescind the name of the guilty party.  Those who knew me in Atlanta, however, will be able to know who I'm talking about (my former residence).  The original post follows verbatim, except the name of the perpetrator has been removed and replaced with (NAME DELETED).  So every time you see that, imagine the asshole's name in its place.

UPDATE 1/31/12:   We got our security deposit back and, wait a minute let me rephrase that, we got our notice that we own them more money today.  They used all of the money from our security deposit and still say we owe them another $500 to repair the apartment.  Five-hundred dollars.  Keep in mind the apartment was fine.  We didn't put any holes in the walls.  We didn't have any broken windows.  There was nothing wrong with the apartment but they want FIVE-HUNDRED more dollars than we already gave them (which was a lot).  So in honor of this, I'm going to rescind my previous nice gesture by re-posting this entry unedited.  Fuck you Post Renaissance.

Here you go.

 Moving to a new city sucks because of two things:  Looking for an apartment and finding a job.  Living somewhere new is kick ass once those things are done.  We’ve been in the Los Angeles area for a little over a week and are closing in on these two goals.  I’m currently waiting to hear back from two interviews I had last week and we submitted an application for a sweet apartment.

We got a phone call this morning telling us that we got the apartment.  Woo!  Everyone’s happy.  Everything’s great.  Nothing is bad forever.  I started gathering my things and making plans to drive into the city the next day, to meet up with friends, started mentally planning out my feng shui of my bedroom and my argument to get the bathroom with the window.  Happy times forever because we’re halfway done with the bullshit.

Half the day goes by and we get another phone call telling us that we lost the apartment.  It must be some mistake, right?  Why would that happen?  We’ve paid all of our bills on time, we have solid rental histories, we’re a bunch of righteous bros.  What could have possibly happened?

OH.  That’s right.  I used to live in Atlanta where nothing runs smoothly.

Turns out, our previous renter employs a bunch of fucking retards.  I’ve always suspected this, but I now have indisputable proof.

First of all, let’s get this out of the way, Post Renaissance is the place that sucks. Post Renaissance.  Maybe the more times I say Post Renaissance the more times it will pop up in a Google search for someone thinking of living at Post renaissance at 400 Central Park Place in Atlanta, GA 30308.  Post Renaissance.

Post Renaissance has a wonderful policy that if your rent is a day late, they immediately start to file for eviction.  That is what the late fee goes towards:  Thwarting the eviction procedure.  A little dramatic, but fine.

We racked up one of these wonderful late fees in 2009.  We needed to wait for a check to clear and it wouldn’t go through until the 4th of the month (rent is due on the 3rd).  We talked to someone in the office about it and they told us that would be no problem.  Two days later, we get a notice for the late fee.  Thanks for that, assholes.

“Oh yeah, it’s totally fine if your late.  We understand exactly what’s going on.”

…two days later…

“Holy fuck these guys are late on their rent!  What a bunch of lowlifes.  EVICT THEM.”

Or at least this is how I imagine their thought process went.

We eventually got it all cleared up and continued living there until two weeks ago when we parted amicably (kinda) with all the proper forms filled out and nothing left to legally fulfill.

Flash forward to today when we get the call about losing the apartment.  Turns out, they found an eviction notice in our rental history from October of 2009.  Where was I living in October of 2009?  Post Renaissance.  Looks like they never filed the proper paperwork to cleanse the eviction (that shouldn’t have happened in the first place) that was started when we were one day late on our rent (even though they told us it was okay).

So here we are.  Perfect, irrefutable evidence that the people that work in the office at Post Renaissance are (or at least were) bumbling idiots that obviously can’t fill out routine paperwork.  And probably don’t know how to write.  Or read.  Because they’re idiots.  At Post Renaissance in Atlanta 30308.

If people do find this because they’re searching for information about possibly moving there, I’ll say this:  There used to be an awesome bar around the corner from the complex called O’Terrill’s that shut itself down because the neighborhood is overrun with demanding, rude, crack-infused bums that shit in the street and break into cars.  No matter how nice that pool looks, you still have to see these people every single day that you live there and there’s no way to avoid it.  Sometimes, they even get through the gates and smash into people’s cars/apartments.  Don’t worry though, there’s ONE security guard with a walkie-talkie that won’t do shit if he sees one.

And if people don’t find this in their search before they move in, there’s a chance they’ll hit other sites for reviews of the property.  After this debacle of ineptitude, I decided to hit up a few of these sites and tell my cautionary tale about the inadequacies of Post Renaissance.  These can be read here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.  Upon reposting all of my negative reviews, I went ahead and wrote different reviews for each site.  This way, it won't look like a blanketing of resentment, which is exactly what it is but it won't be quite so noticeable.  Plus, different reviews gave me a larger sense of release of the anger that these assholes have instilled within me.  The reviews make use of attention-grabbing titles such as “Avoid Post Renaissance,” “Post Renaissance Loves Your Money,” and the straight-forward “Post Renaissance Sucks.”

We’re hoping they will send out a fax to the new landlord explaining how stupid they are and that we were never evicted because we’re good neighbors.  Seriously.  Go ask Teddy White.  He’ll tell you how much we kick ass.  And he’s a fucking ninja.

At first, I could understand their mistake.  Sure, you forget to dot a few i's and the wrong form gets sent through somewhere.  That's human.  That's fine.  But this whole $500 business?  That shit is not going to fly.  They have legality on their side, so if I have to pay I have to pay.  There's not much I can do without that.  But that doesn't mean that I can't let them know how I feel about being dealt such a large helping of horseshit.  Post Renaissance, expect a phone call from me as soon as I get out of work tomorrow.  404-875-4429?  Yup, still got it in my phone.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE 2/10/12:  After constant badgering by my roommate's father, Post realized that they overcharged us by $165 on the carpets.  Once again, Post Renaissance makes a small clerical error and fucks us.  Something tells me, however, that this wasn't a small clerical error.  I think they were intentionally trying to fuck us out of more money.  Not because of anything personal or in retaliation for anything, but because they are greedy fucks who like to suck as much money out of the assholes of their clientele.  Fuck Post Renaissance.

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  1. It appears your mission was successful...
    Two years later, I appreciate your taking the time to write this post! I am currently looking for an Atlanta apartment, and a simple Google search for "post renaissance" returned this web page as the fourth search result. You have saved me from falling into Post's greedy hands. Thank you!