Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New free music

Well, after two years of fumbling around, I managed to finish a full album which can be downloaded (for free) right here.  It’s called Boundary Waters for the simple fact that I like how that phrase sounds.  I heard it used a few times last year when the forest in northern Minnesota caught fire and the smoke could be smelled as far away as Milwaukee.

Ten songs, 41.1 minutes in length.  All live instruments, no computery manipulation, played by yours truly.  The beautiful cover photo was edited by the very talented Mr. Jeffery Wynn coming straight outta Smyrna (pronounced smear-nah) Georgia.  It was mainly recorded in my bedroom in Atlanta with this thing and then finished in my bedroom in Los Angeles.  I believe the first song was recorded in the spring of 2010 and the last song was recorded about a month ago.  This is my first release since 2010’s Luna Programme, which is basically an exercise in whining and crying.  I assure you there is no bullshit like that this time around.  You’ve got songs about people crawling inside of other people, cancer patients dying in the hospital, homeless people getting non-homeless girlfriends, and other super uplifting topics.

The full album is available for free download right here.  It’s super easy and you don’t have any excuse not to get it.  It takes two simple clicks.  That’s it.  Click on this link right here and then click where it says to download it.  Super easy.  No viruses.  Totally legal.  The only thing you have to watch out for is the inevitable discussion around the water cooler where people are going to ask you which song on the album is your favorite.  I know!  They’re all my favorite, too!

Hurry up and get it while it’s free.  I’m in LA now, so it’s guaranteed that I will get signed by Sony and then head off on a world tour (starting in Japan).  And I don’t think Sony will be okay with simply giving the album away for free.  It’s a business, after all.

Things like this are the reason that I'm glad I wasn't born in the past.  Well, I was born in the past, but I mean like fifty or a hundred years ago.  Otherwise I'd be consistently being born.  Anyways, just this morning I was recording guitar tracks and flash forward a couple hours later and it's available for people to access in places like Singapore or wherever.  Couldn't have done this as recently as fifteen years ago.  That's kinda crazy to me.

Here’s a video I made for one of the songs while I was in Atlanta.  The movie making program that I used screwed with the sound a bit, so don’t hold that against me.  I assure you, it sounds much better after you download it and plop it into your iPod or whatever you kids are using these days.

Get it!  Right here!

P.S.  For those of you that like the computery, digitized kind of sound, I have something for you.  Gimme a couple weeks and I’ll drop something else into your hands for free that, quite possibly, could convince you to dust off your dancin' shoes.

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