Wednesday, May 2, 2012

More new music - Available for free!

I know Boundary Waters was released a mere month ago, but I’m excited to announce yet another release.  Steady State is quite a bit different from Boundary Waters, as it leans more towards electronic drums/guitars than towards the folksyness of the previous release.  It is now available here and, just like the last release, it is available for free download.  So go get it!

The songs were recorded in a blitzkrieg of productivity in the fall of 2011 when my friend, and contributor to the cover, Jeff Wynn left on his honeymoon after marrying another wonderful friend of mine.  I borrowed his keyboard while they were gone and tried to relearn how to play the damn thing, since I’ve been without one for quite some time.  However, he didn’t have a sustain pedal so it mainly sat dormant in my room for a couple weeks.  Eventually, I said “Fuck it!” and bought a sustain pedal for it, which also doubled as a present since I didn’t buy them a goddamn thing for the wedding.  At this point, I only had a short amount of time left with the instrument so I went on a week and a half rampage and recorded six full songs while also filling in various parts on other tracks.  All recording was finished in December of 2011 while still living in Atlanta. 

The album holds another inadvertent connection with marriage in “Wedding Song for John and Macy,” which is simply the song I made for the wedding of my friends John and Macy.  While sitting on the patio one day, on our way towards shit-faced drunk, Macy asked me to record a song to play while she walked down the aisle.  I’m not sure if she was serious or not, but I went ahead and did it.  Magically, they liked it and used it for the previously mentioned purpose.  The wedding was a lot of fun, but hearing my own music played while she walked the aisle with her father and again as she exited with her new husband was quite the experience.

Some friends of mine might recognize a few songs on Steady State from a CD I made in 2005.  I always loved the instrumentation on the songs, but the vocals were atrocious.  I hoped to one day re-record them as something I could be fully proud of, and I think I’ve come just about as close as I’ll be able to with this album.  My procurement of a new beat making program solidified the opportunity and is what led to the production of this album.  So if you were one of the five or so people that I showed that CD to, have some fun and try to spot the old ones.

Two songs, “Dead Fish” and “Constellations,” began on separate nights with similar qualities.  Simply put, I got out of work around two in the morning and fiddled with my computer until the sun nearly reached the highest point of the day.  There’s something addicting about flipping through synthesizers and arranging patterns that I could see myself sitting in one spot for a week straight if I didn’t have to worry about eating/sleeping/bathing/communicating with other people. 

Although to a lesser extent, this method of creation was also enacted with the opening and closing tracks.  I’ve always loved the sounds and songs from NES games and after finding a synthesizer that mimicked these noises, I couldn’t help but to try to create something along those lines.

So here you go, 12 songs, about 45 minutes of music.  A little schizophrenic.  For free.  Right here.  One click.  That’s it.  All yours.  Have fun.  Hope you like it.


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