Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Distended Discontent in Anaheim

People often hear about police officers acting in a questionable manner and immediately assume the cops to be wrong and justified in being chastised, punished, stoned and thrown off of a cliff.  I’m going to blame NWA, Boyz in the Hood, and Rodney King for this mindset.  What is often forgotten, however, is that police are the only reason you aren’t carjacked, raped, and beaten on a daily basis.  We obviously can’t rely on human decency to keep us safe.  We only need to look as far as the Aurora, CO shootings to be reminded how shitty people can be.  “But that’s an isolated incident!”  Okay.  Fair.  The next time you drive down the road, pay attention to how people drive; people cut each other off, people pull out in front of others, people get pissed off because of the Me vs You mentality that is prevalent throughout every commute.  This is all evidence of a lack of human decency and a self-absorption that is widespread throughout our society.  This is the legal evidence of our shittiness.  If we had zero laws and regulations, you can bet this shittiness would extend to much more than running a red light.

If you combine this fuck-the-police-no-I-don’t-know-the-whole-story aspect of our society with the I’m-being-oppressed-by-who-well-I-guess-I-don’t-know aspect of our society that the Occupy movements are basically based upon, you get what’s happening in Anaheim right now.  What’s happening in Anaheim?  Basically, the police shot and killed two people over the weekend and the community is protesting by throwing rocks and bottles at cops.  Sound pretty bad, right?  It sure does.  Especially if you ignore the fact that one of the victims first shot at the police before they returned fire and the other victim ran from the cops, ignored numerous instructions to stop, and then pulled something from his waistband while the guns were pointed at him.  Turns out, it wasn’t a gun that Manuel Diaz had in his pants.  That’s why people are pissed.  The cops killed an unarmed man.  BUT, as anybody knows that has ever seen a movie with police in it, watched a high speed chase on the news, or read any newspaper article about and officer-involved shootings knows, if the cops think you are about to shoot at them, they will shoot you.

In fact, it just happened with Abdul Arian on live TV in Los Angeles a couple months ago.  This dipshit led the police on a high speed chase, called the cops and told them he had a gun, then ran away from them while pointing at them (at night) and got killed.  Afterwards, the family filed a lawsuit against the city for 120 million dollars because he didn’t have a gun on him which, of course, means the police murdered him.  Never mind the fact that he placed a phone call saying, "I have a gun," and, “I've been arrested before for possession of destructive devices, I'm not afraid of the cops," and "If they pull their guns, I'm gonna have to pull my gun out on them."

I know people don’t like to think members of their family are pieces of shit, especially recently deceased members of their family, but sometimes you just have to look at things objectively.  Especially before trying to sue the city for an exorbitant amount of money because your son/brother/cousin/whatever was a complete asshole.

That’s another thing people fail to take into account in instances such as this:  The cops rarely shoot a straight-A, positive and active member of society.  It seems like if someone gets shot, it’s usually someone that just stole a car/robbed somebody/killed somebody else.  And these two victims in Anaheim?  Known gang members with criminal records.  It’s reported that the thing that Diaz grabbed from his pants was a bag of heroin.  Heroin.  That’s a big deal.  Marijuana or painkillers?  Not a big deal.  Heroin?  That’s some serious shit.  The cops rolled past an alleyway and saw three dudes looking shady.  They approached them, the guys took off, and one of them ended up getting shot.  Maybe one day Diaz would have gotten his shit together and started giving speeches in schools about the dangers of gang life.  Maybe.  But as of last week?  He was some piece of shit drug-dealing gang member.  And if he was busted selling drugs to a teenager, most people would have thought, “What a piece of shit.  They should lock his ass up forever.”  But now that he’s dead, he’s a martyr and a victim of a broken system filled with trigger-happy, racist cops that target minorities.  And this is bullshit. 

The protests, and by “protests” I mean mini-riots, have been going on for four days now.  Reportedly, many protesters are peaceful.  However, there are people like the guy that showed up yesterday and got arrested because he brought a gun to the protest, which then sparked violence leading people to vandalize cars, whip rocks at cops, and even toss a Molotov cocktail at a police car.  This is a good way to drive home the message of, “We want these officers brought to justice because of their unnecessarily violent and unprovoked attacks.”  Right?  Or are these people simply shitting all over their productive, albeit misguided, message?

The city is now facing a 50 million dollar lawsuit because of the shooting.  50 million dollars.  Think about how much money that is.  Now combine that with how this is because a gang member, a drug dealer, got shot.  And then think about all of the cuts that will have to be made to public services such as road construction and police/fire department personnel.  Why?  Because some piece of shit was dealing heroin in an alleyway and tried to run from the police.  Now after your kid gets robbed on his way to school, you won’t be able to comfort him as you drive to the hospital because you’ll be too busy avoiding potholes.  All because some piece of shit named Manuel Diaz wanted to be a “G” and get his “paper” by working the “streets” instead of getting a fucking job like the rest of us.  Does that seem fair?  Does that sound like something you would like to rush into the streets with a picket sign and huck glass bottles at police officers to bring to fruition?  And don’t give me that shit about a broken system and how else is he supposed to turn out in a society that perpetuates poverty and blah blah blah…  He could always go work for Homeboy Industries, which I fully support morally and snacktually.

Americans love the underdog.  That’s why the Rocky movies were so popular.  That’s also why we love hearing stories about oppressed people rising up against “the man.”  In all honesty, I fall into this category too.  I can quote Rocky IV all day long, and trust me, I have.  I love hearing stories of people being mistreated and then standing up for themselves to make it right.  But many of these stories are based on bullshit and inflated in our own minds to make tragedies as well as everyday occurrences seem like crucial plot points in a movie.  But this isn’t how the world works, even though we have been trained through years of TV to think it does.  The basic point is that there is rarely a clear villain in any real-life narrative, and along with that, there is rarely a clear right or wrong in any given story.  But in the case of this Anaheim debacle, it’s pretty clear that the definite wrong does not fall upon the police department for shooting a man after chasing him through an alleyway to find him withdrawing something from his pants (which we all know from Ice Cube videos to be wear gang members love to hide guns).  And it’s also clear that the definite wrong does not fall on the police department after shooting a man that first shot at them.


  1. Amen. The idiots are taking over.

  2. I second that = good for you!!