Monday, October 29, 2012

I (finally) got a story published

Before finishing off my undergraduate degree, I sent off my first short story for publication.  The rejection letter came not too long afterwards and I was excited.  Rejection is a major part of fiction writing, which my teachers made no secret of, and even though the story didn’t get published, I still felt like I had entered the fiction writing arena. 

Three years later, rejection letters have lost their velour and have instead been greeted with a feeling of inevitability.  I’ll open my mailbox and see an envelope addressed to myself with my own handwriting and think, “Oh hey, another rejection letter,” with the nonchalance of finding an advertisement for a car wash addressed to a former tenant.  I’m pretty good with criticism and my generally cynical outlook gives me the ability to continually get kicked in the face and told that I suck and simply shrug it off with an, “eh.”