Saturday, December 15, 2012

Another One Rides the Bus

I don’t like touching stuff in public.  Rails, handles, walls, basically anything that is open for anybody else to touch.  I always leave a piece of crumbled paper towel behind the door in public restrooms after I use it to grab the handle.  People are gross and I’m not shy about the fact that I think so.  I see too many people walk out of bathroom stalls and head straight for the exit without so much as wetting their hands.  It is because of the general disgusting nature of society that I vowed to myself to never ride a public bus in Los Angeles after seeing many accordion-style buses packed with people to the point of bursting from the windows.  But the cards of my life have been reshuffled and I was forced to quit my job because my boss was (and continues to be) an amazing asshole.  So now I find myself commuting to a job that doesn’t offer parking.  How can this work?  Public transportation.  And since there isn’t a train that goes into Westwood (for some reason), I am forced to take the goddamn bus.