Sunday, January 27, 2013

First Published Fiction Now Available

I made a decision last year to focus on short stories.  Ideally, I’d like to write books but it takes a long time to write one and it’s damn near impossible to convince someone that it’s good enough to publish.  I’ve written two so far and have been sending out queries which have lead to receiving a steady stream of rejection letters from literary agents and small presses.  This, however, is no big deal.  That’s just how it goes.  There’s no need to complain because that would be like going swimming and then saying, “God damnit, now I’m all wet!”  It just comes with the territory.

I told myself that I would put off working on another book until I got at least one short story published in a magazine.  A print magazine.  With pages.  And a cover.  I wanted to prove to myself that sometimes queries are answered with something other than a form letter of rejection.  And what do you know, I went ahead and fucking did it.

I should soon receive my copy of the tenth installment of the Feathertale Review which will include a story of mine somewhere within the covers.  I couldn’t be more excited unless it came with some Cheetos or something, too.  But, I guess it'll come with a check so I could theoretically go spend it all on Cheetos.  So, I guess, in a roundabout way it came with a bunch of Cheetos.  Sweet.  I couldn’t be more excited.

Wanna join the excitement?  Of course you do!  You can look up your city on this wonderful list of actual places to walk into, find the magazine on a rack, and then walk over to a person and hand them real money.  Or, if you’re agoraphobic or something, you can follow this link right here and order a copy that will come directly to your house.  Couldn’t be easier.  And it’s only ten bucks.  That’s cheaper than going to a movie.  And, seriously, what’s in the theaters right now that you wanna see anyways?  It’s all garbage.  Pop some popcorn in your microwave and spend your 10 bucks on a beautiful little magazine.  You’ll feel way better.

What’s the story about?  It’s about a guy selling his bed and a girl that might have accidentally fallen into inadvertent prostitution.  There is sex!  Boozing!  Bums!  People getting hit by cars!  Tons of fun and excitement!  Go here and grab a copy.  It’s a really pretty magazine.  Set it on your toilet tank and all of your friends will think you are into some crazy cool underground literary shit and will be totally jealous of you. 

Now that goal number one is out of the way, I’m free to start working on another book.  I pounded my way through the first chapter today and hope to have a draft finished sometime in spring.  So you can probably start looking for it at the top of bestseller lists sometime in 2014.  Either that or you will find me crying alone in my bedroom hugging my knees and drooling.  I’m fine with it either way.

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  1. I think I ordered it = it something about not finding what I was looking for. Good luck Son!!! Love, Mom